Tuesday, November 6, 2007

day thirty!

Cheesy drawing BUT 3 great things on this day:
First, I saw an exploded comet tonite. (i think.)
Second, my film, The Ballad of Thaddeus Lowe is on Frederator!
check it out! and THIRD! its been a month since i started my blog. yessss!


Alex Silva said...

I saw your movie on Frederator a few days ago and I thought it was great. You have a really nice style. Keep up the good work!

PS> That was the Holmes comet right? My uncle pointed it out to me with binocs the other night. Pretty cool. Maybe you should do an animation about that next :)

kelly shibazzle. said...

thanks! im glad you liked it!

(and yes, it was comet holmes. i loveeee space.)