Sunday, January 27, 2008

day twentyseven.

may not be politically correct these days, but you can't deny that jasper from puppetoons is so darn cute!


Mijin said...

wow! you're amazing!

hey, do you want to make a short stop-motion clip for one of the classes i help teach at little lights? your reward will be full.. there just won't be any money involved. hahah

keep up the good work. man, i wish i could drawwwwwwlll

cocktail said...

jelly!! you're amazing!! the internet is not so much- i just posted a long, meaningful post, but it didn't go through. so now i have to pretend like this is the first time..

anyways, keep up the good work meng. your drawllllings fill me with joy.

say! in all of your free time (haha) do you want to make a short short stop-motion for me so i can show it to my kids for one of the classes i help teach?? please please please? they might be doing some stop-motion stuff this semester. you can come teach that class. hahaha anyways, let me know..

miss you jellz!

kelly shibazzle. said...

ahaha mijn! you crack me up. im sure we can cut a deal... call me and lets discuss. hahaaa